Golden Simplicity

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Our exquisite Gold Foil Press Wedding Invitation – the perfect blend of elegance and sophistication. The meticulously pressed gold foil adds a touch of luxury, catching the light and creating a stunning visual impact. It sets the tone for a celebration that is nothing short of extraordinary. Crafted from sturdy, high-quality cardstock, our invitations feel as good as they look. 

In this invitation:

- Premium "Diamond Flap" Envelope (120gsm), 125x174cm

- Main Invitation - 300gsm Cotton Card-stock

- Gold Foil Press Luxury Print - (more about Printing Techniques)

*On request, you can add wax stamp, (from our collection or choose a custom wax stamp) vintage stamps, RSVP card, detail card, envelope printing.


The price is for 120pcs invitations or more. For under 100pcs, please contact us.

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